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Patient Stories: Joint Pain

Getting Our Patients Back on Their Feet

The words of our patients are why we love helping people find the best solution for joint pain. Hear how these people have been able to get back to doing the things they love.

Burt: Anterior Hip Replacement

I started hitting golf balls about six weeks after the surgery. I was playing [golf] maybe seven weeks after the surgery. Now I’m walking 18 holes with my bag. I have no pain, I sleep at night, I can walk with no pain. It’s just 100% improvement.

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Dennis: Knee Replacement

Last year I was having trouble bending my knees enough to hike any difficult hills or to even get into my kayak. I decided to do both knees at once. It was a pretty simple case: I wanted to be active. The discomfort was less than I thought it would be.

Katherine: Anterior Hip Replacement

I’ve been out of surgery only two weeks and two days… Two days after my surgery, I came home with just one crutch. I came up two flights of stairs with just one crutch. By the third day the PT came to the house and had me walking with no aids—no walker, no crutch, anything. The fourth day I went out to Ben & Jerry’s for ice cream…

Charlie: Knee Replacement

People around you don’t realize just how much the pain affects you. And there is no medication to take the pain away. Now I can move and do my exercises. It has made a big difference in my general attitude. I’m losing weight and feel like I can start doing something with my life again.

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Ted: Hip Replacement

I had to decide between total hip replacement and hip resurfacing and it was one of the reasons I came to this hospital, because I knew Dr. Kantor could give me either one. I would like to say the most surprising thing about having a complete hip replacement was….it really wasn’t a big deal.

Carol: Hip Replacement

Hear why Carol credits her double hip replacement as a life changing experience that got her back to playing with her granddaughter.

Fred: Knee Replacement

As a former umpire for the Olympics in Barcelona and an avid golfer, Fred chose not to let knee pain keep him from doing the things he enjoys. Hear how a minimally invasive partial knee replacement offered Fred a faster recovery option and has him successfully walking the entire golf course again.