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Sports Medicine Patient Stories

We’re Here to Get You Back to Your Passion

Athletes are a tough bunch – driven to succeed and driven to get back to their sport after an injury. Hear the stories of these patients who have come back full force after a debilitating injury from sports.

Gunnar: Surgery for ACL Injury

Now I am 11 months-plus post-surgery and everything is going super well. I had a successful ski season . . . Now I know I can go out and rip turns and feel awesome and feel completely normal again. I felt like the sports medicine department can relate to you . . . and help you achieve the goals that you want to get back to, and my goals were to get back into ski racing and back to lacrosse, and I’ve done that thus far.

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Ben: Testing for Sports Concussion

“Knowing what we know about concussions, it’s been a constant worry of mine knowing that you can’t sustain very many concussions without worrying about future lifelong implications,” said Ben’s mom, Becky. “The concussion program at Dartmouth-Hitchcock was so easy to deal with…we had our answer the following day after he had the ImPACT™ test done.”

Sarah: ACL Reconstruction and Meniscus Repair

Dr. Karlson knew it was really important to me to get back [to sports] as soon as I could. She understood because she was an athlete as well . . . but also the importance of making sure it all goes smoothly.

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Samuel: ACL Replacement

Dr. Sparks involved me in making decisions from step one–whether or not to have surgery. During the next two meetings, Dr. Sparks answered my questions and explained my options for the treatment and the types of surgery. He listened to me and I was very reassured by the end of the third visit that most of my questions were answered and that the surgery would be beneficial.

Hannah: ACL Reconstruction

Hear Hannah Kearney’s story about ACL reconstruction and how she went on to win gold in the 2010 Olympics.