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Non-Surgical Options

I didn’t know I could do what I can do now and that’s what surprised me the most. At my age and with the injuries I had, I thought I was done. The program itself was explained very well…the team did everything they had to do. Being able to sit straight up is a big deal. Being able to nod my head, twist it side-to-side—that’s a really, really big deal. I wasn’t able to do those things when I got here.- Derek Hampton, Functional Restoration Program graduate

Our team includes non-surgical spine specialists, occupational medicine specialists, and pain specialists. We believe in this team approach of working together to help you choose the best option to relieve your back pain and get you back to the activities you enjoy.

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Getting Back Your Functionality

For the most part, many conditions are more effectively treated without surgery. Here are our most common non-surgical options:

Functional Restoration Program

 One of the nation’s only programs for patients with chronic back pain that has lasted more than three months after treatments; includes a functional assessment to test your function level and set your goals followed by a rigorous 14-day program that involves physical training, group discussion, and individual discussions of personal pain management strategies plus follow-up during the next year

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Providers use proven therapy programs such as the McKenzie® Method and the Maitland Approach to assess and treat back, neck, and extremity problems; or, we can provide a customized exercise program to improve your mobility and decrease pain

Pain Management

Pain specialists provide a variety of treatments such as epidural steroid injections, radiofrequency, and spinal cord stimulation if standard anti-inflammatory drugs are not helpful

Safety is Our Goal

Our goal is to get you back to a level of function that allows you to do some of the activities you enjoy, safely and effectively. We will tackle your back pain issue with the full set of non-surgical options as a starting point, with surgery as a second option if necessary.

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Hear from Derek, a Functional Restoration Program graduate, about the experience and his progress later on.

“The FRP is the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s given me the peace of mind of knowing that I can do things, even though my back pain hasn’t been cured.” John Kelley

Learn more about John’s story.