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Shoulder Injuries

For every injury I have ever had, the Sports Medicine Clinic has always made a point to give me the best advice and treatment possible to allow me to continue playing and training at an elite level. —Matt Lovejoy, shoulder reconstruction patient

Put your trust in a surgeon who has sub-specialty training in treating shoulder injuries. We see countless athletes involved in sports that use the upper extremity such as tennis, lacrosse, and baseball for rotator cuff injuries, arthritis, instability, and tendonitis.
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Leading Edge Rotator Cuff Repair and Shoulder Replacement

Rotator cuff injuries are the most common athletic shoulder injuries. Non-surgical options are always the first option. However, if you require surgery, our team offers a minimally invasive option, meaning smaller incisions, less disturbance of the shoulder muscles, and less pain after surgery. As patients experience less pain, they tend to do better during their physical therapy, meaning a better outcome.

Additionally, we are leaders in shoulder replacement, following evidence-based practices for the most effective outcomes. Reverse total shoulder replacement is a popular option that works for some patients who may have had a shoulder replacement previously and are still experiencing pain or have continuing pain from arthritis and a rotator cuff tear. The procedure allows you to use the deltoid muscle to lift your arm rather than the rotator cuff.

Supporting You Along the Way

Whether you are having a repair for a rotator cuff, an arthroscopic procedure to clean up the shoulder joint, or a total joint replacement, our collective team is here to support you. We give you all of the information you need at the start to make the best decision to fit your lifestyle and your goals for getting back to sports. After surgery, we offer physical therapy options to give you the best outcome possible. Our nurses are here to answer your questions along the way as well, even down to how to get dressed after a shoulder surgery.

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Hear specialist Dr. John Nutting describe rotator cuff problems and how to maintain your range of motion.